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But start this process before you get married so that once you get the marriage license, all you have to do is open some new accounts together.

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One person manages it but both of you make decisions about it. You'll find out quickly what happens when you leave a platinum card with a 10K limit in your wife's purse when she's shopping with the girls.

And she will learn exactly what he means by "no problem" when he forgets to make the deposit to that account and I call and tell her that the catering check just bounced.

A great way to ease into married banking is to create a new joint checking account when you get engaged, and get a credit card together that you will only use for wedding expenses.

One of you is in charge of managing the card and paying the bills with joint funds from your checking account that you'll both deposit into when you open it.

One of my former Caribbean destination wedding clients recently celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary with her husband, and the most important thing that happened on her anniversary night was that her husband didn't ask her split the check.

Yes, you read that correctly -- the man she married a year ago still expects her to split the check with him.Money is the #1 thing that breaks up marriages -- why wouldn't you plan ahead for something that you know is going to be a challenge?If one of you has a lot of money that you intend to keep separate, you need to discuss this pre-wedding. I wish I'd had one now because Puerto Rico law won't let me buy property without my husband unless I have a prenup separating our assets. Did the bill collectors ever know your college roommate on a first-name basis?Remember, for sanity's sake, you can certainly have two different checking accounts and each of you using a debit card for one of them, just be sure that both accounts are in both names in case of emergency.It's also important to completely merge your finances in case of an emergency or death.I'm guessing that she and the Italian stallion never had a "let's look at each other's credit reports and swap pay stubs" kind of conversation.

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