Rapper eve dating america

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She was in a relationship with rapper Stevie J on 1997. After her split with Stevie, Teodorin Obiang was the boyfriend of Eve.

The couple started an affair on 2003 and was together up until 2006.

Eve was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was educated at the Martin Luther King High School.

Interested in music and singing since a very small age, she adopted the name of Gangsta in high school with her band EDGP.

Model and actress Eva Marcille is expecting her first child with songwriter Kevin Mc Call, the former reality star tells E! "Being able to bring a life into the world is every woman's dream but for me it's more than just a dream it is a magical, mystical journey which I get to share with this amazing man," says Marcille, 28.

"Kevin is the only man who I would share this moment in life with."Marcille, who is five months pregnant, won cycle three of "My life continues to be a bundle of incredible experiences," the pregnant star gushes.

The dating history of Eve has been as covered by the tabloids as her professional career is.

She was rumored to be with Michael Ealy back in the 90s.

After her split from him, Eve was dating Shane Powers.

Shane and Eve supposedly dated on 2007 but it is not known when they split up.

Her success both in the fields of music and acting has made her liked and her bio and career details searched by her fans around the world.

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