dating tajikistan - Updating initial configuration polycom Aug 24, 2006 (it does see the provisioning server and does grab an IP address)1. This is my first Free PBX server and first time setting up a SIP server, so please answer in Layman's.

I just setup a new Free PBX server and am using the Endpoint Manager to provision Polycom IP: 430's, 501's and 550's. Aug 24, 2006 (it does see the provisioning server and does grab an IP address)1.

The 501's and 550's seem to work normally as far as grabbing the firmware (slot 1, Polycom 1.07) and being able to call between phones.

The Polycom Sound Point IP 430 is a new 2-line desktop speaker phone that fits in the product line above the 300 (no speaker phone) and below the 500 (3 lines).

It's about the size of the 300 but has more features and keys like the 500.

=( Im using the "February 1, 2010" edition of the 46file, which mentions it supports the "1692 telephone H.323 software release R1.00"..

Issue im having is that the phone doesnt seem to be picking up or using any of our dhcp option 242 settings (which work fine with our 9620's).Is it true that this particular model needs all of the settings manually entered?? Does anyone have the appropriate files for this model?I havent been able to find any files for this particular model. Edit: Also, can someone explain what the fields below are used for?Also, there are different part numbers for regions other than NA due to power differences.The IP 500 used to support H.323, but Polycom has discontinued H.323 support on their phones.These are the same price as the 300 and 500, but they have more memory to accomodate growing SIP image sizes.

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