Dating a swede

15th of February - International Single Awareness Day– Östgöta Nation (ÖG): ‘Club Valvet Andra Chansen’ The nation's weekly club night (open from until although the lights go down and music is turned up at ) gives you another chance if Valentine’s Day turned out to be a disappointment. Every Wednesday starts with a lounge, pub and an activity room, and turns into a nightclub with two dance floors.If Valentine’s Day didn’t turn out as great as you planned – don’t worry! Come to Östgöta Nation and dance your heartache away!

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Obviously there is no golden rule that fits all cases but in general it is good to ‘play it by ear’.

The general rule is offer to pay, but if the person declines, do not insist as this could seem rude.

The classic (slightly boring): ‘Would you like to dance? If the date goes well or if you get lucky in a club remember to always use a condom, free condoms courtesy of Kondoma mera can be found on the ground floor in Uppsala Studentkår (the student union).

They have many different kinds even ones that glow in the dark!

It is exactly what it sounds like, speed dating with board games! Expect there to be long lines/queues from a very early hour as it is the only student nation club tonight and Valentine’s Day clubs are always super crowded as all the singles try to dance away the night and drink to forget previous love stories gone wrong. On Tuesday the 14th of February we will dance for all hearts ♥ The restaurant will be open from 18.00 as usual.

To be updated on the line situation check out the Facebook page ‘How long is the Line? To book a table, send an email to: [email protected](although now it may be fully booked!

Come celebrate Single Awareness Day at Orvar this year!

We offer a guaranteed refuge from everything lovey-dovey with a wide range of food and drinks.

Swedes love it when you try and speak their language as it shows you are putting some effort into it and that you embrace their culture as opposed to refusing to speak the language as ‘everyone speaks English in Sweden’. As always when it comes to these things, it is much easier to hook up with or ask out for a date only people you know or those who you have at least been introduced to, as opposed to random strangers.

Some suggestions given by a bunch of Stockholm girls: – Få jag be om en dans? If you know them too well though you could already be in the friend zone, beware!

Other Swedes I spoke to, from the north of the country, disagree as they believe that going for fika is the best first date because it is done in daylight, one can go for a walk and is sober so you can get to actually know the person better.

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