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In the speed dating world, you only have magazine articles, online forums, and advice from your best friend.

Building a relationship, or training a new associate, takes time.

Here a few ways to succeed at interviewing using the lessons of speed dating: 1.

And after members of BMI’s Creative team noticed the chemistry between Rogers and Seltzer, they knew they were onto something.

As an up-and-coming indie singer/songwriter with an already-fervent following and an ambitious songwriter/producer, Rogers and Seltzer were matched-up with a certain task in mind, but what actually transpired was something more than anyone expected.

Let the hiring manager know you aren’t going to leave the company immediately after they invest time and money into your training. Fit Everything Into a Short Time Period Don’t talk too much or too little. Even though speed dates are shorter than an interview, you shouldn’t keep the hiring manager from his or her tasks for more than an hour or so. Wait to Hear Back Once you say your goodbyes, it’s time to wait.

Hopefully, you’ll get a call back and they will want to see you again!

™ program, neither young songwriter knew quite what to expect.

For a little over three years, the series has been a fertile launching pad for collaboration, pairing up-and-coming writers, musicians and producers with each other in an initiative to get BMI’s affiliates networking, branching out and collaborating with like-minded individuals.

Have some stories ready to build on your credibility. Talk About Your Future In a speed dating setting, you and your date have a few qualifications the other has to meet to be noteworthy; the same thing applies in an interview.

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