French swimmer dating italian

See also: Nudity on the beaches of France: Dos and don'ts Naturists are constantly making headlines in France.In September a French naturist walked into a spot of trouble after bumping into police during a nude stroll around Fontainebleau Forest.

He also said he was "happy she was no longer my girlfriend".

Manaudou is now dating another swimmer, Benjamin Stasiulis.

And last year a French court freed a naked hiker, who had been charged with indecent exposure after bumping into a mother and her son on a nude stroll through the woods. According to the FFN, France is home to around 1.5 million naturists.

Long after the days of Giacomo Casanova, Italians are still stealing the hearts of women the world over.

Explicit photographs of French swimmer Laure Manaudou circulated on the Internet provoking the ire of the Olympics-bound athlete.

Sexually explicit photographs and video of Manaudou, 21, appeared on the Internet and less risque pictures circulated in Italian newspapers, Skynews reported Thursday.

Questions as to why her fall from grace has been so rapid have largely been left unanswered, with Roselyne Bachelot, the French sports minister, saying simply: "A champion is a very fragile thing."Fragile indeed.

Over the past 12 months, Manaudou says, she has "been to hell".

They were outnumbered by the some 230 naturists from France, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy and Germany who dropped their clothes for the French Federation for Naturism-organized event in Mulhouse.

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