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He is Batman's archenemy as well as the most famous and recurring villain.

Waylon Jones has a medical condition that warped his body into a massive crocodile-like form.

Bane's raw power coupled with his genius level intellect makes him a considerable threat to Batman, having once succeeded in breaking Batman's back. He obtained a sample of Matt Hagen's blood, isolating an enzyme which he introduced into his own bloodstream.

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He is often considered to be the second greatest assassin in the DC Universe, the first being Deathstroke.

Garfield Lynns is an orphan who became a pyromaniac, having developed a fireproof suit with a flamethrower to further pursue his "hobby".

He was manipulated by Hush and the Riddler to transform his appearance into that of Jason Todd in order to deceive Batman, which ultimately failed.

Floyd Lawton is an excellent sniper assassin who, when wielding a gun or projectile, never misses a shot.

Listed below are the Batman Family's most enduring and iconic adversaries.

The international masked criminal known as Bane has immense strength that comes from a super-steroid called Venom.

He often wears costumes to correlate with the date of the designated crime. This was until he learned that he needed to spread his melting contagion onto others to survive.

His best-known latter day incarnation is in the miniseries Batman: The Long Halloween, where he is portrayed as a Hannibal Lecter-like figure, went mad when he learned that there would be a remake of one of his films with another actor in the lead role. He later met and fell in love with Lady Clay, and the two had a son named Cassius "Clay" Payne.

He desires Batman's cowl, even if it means killing Batman. Victor Fries is a scientist who accidentally spilled cryogenic chemicals on himself while inventing a freeze-gun.

Now requiring subzero temperatures to survive, he uses freeze-inducing weaponry and must wear a fully contained, refrigerated ice-suit.

The Batman Family adversaries are a collective of fictional supervillains appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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