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The rapid growth of the digital economy presents huge opportunities for development, creating global markets for applications and services, reducing the cost of doing business, and unleashing creativity and innovation.

Extending broadband networks will accelerate this trend.

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During the global downturn, the defensive nature of telecoms has been seen as a positive trait, with investors regarding the industry as a safe haven.

However, with technology and device companies such as Google and Apple now leading innovation in the sector, and telecoms networks having to cope with a remorseless rise in data traffic, the advantages of this defensive positioning are rapidly diminishing.

Core telecoms services are seen as nondiscretionary spending that is less vulnerable to cutbacks in a downturn, compared with other types of business, household and personal expenditure.

Regulation for the Broadband World According to ITU, the national broadband plans, mobile banking, intellectual property rights, open access — there is no single blueprint for best practice, but learning from countries’ experiences is possible.

In an era in which broadband is increasingly considered the right of every citizen, smart regulation will have to continue evolving on a path towards greater openness, offering incentives while turning challenges into opportunities.

When drafting national plans, policies and strategies for broadband deployment and takeup, wide-ranging public consultations will help ensure that the investments ahead are based on the collective decisions of government, industry, and society.

This data explosion is emerging against a background of continued constraints on telecoms industry revenues.

Global telecoms revenue growth was negative in 2009, and is expected to recover to 8% annually in 2012.

Customer support organizations must adapt their strategies in order to provide effective online tools to engage with the customer on the customer’s terms.” — Telecom Asia Organizations in the telecom sector are constantly looking for methods and solutions to streamline their processes as a means of reducing organizational risk.

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