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On a PC, all you see locally is a system tray icon with a minimal menu. For each child, Net Nanny automatically configures settings to match the profile you select: Child, Pre-Teen, Teen, or Adult, and you can further customize these settings later.If multiple children will be using the same Windows account, you should create a password for each account.There's also an option to create a custom category, with its own list of included sites.

At the most basic level, the filter uses a database to identify and block websites that match certain unwanted categories.

That doesn't help when a site hasn't been categorized or has added objectionable material since the database was last updated, however.

Other parental control services such as Norton Family and Boomerang offer a much wider range of categories.

It's conceivable that your child might have a legitimate need to access a blocked site.

One category, Profanity, is slightly different from the rest.

It offers four choices: Allow, Warn, Block, and Mask.

A less drastic solution is to install a service like Rescue Time, which can help you get a handle on how much time you spend on various activities across all your PCs, phones, and tablets.

All of Net Nanny's configuration and reporting occurs online, and it enforces rules via a local client on each PC, phone, or tablet on which you install it.

For young children, all the problem categories are blocked by default.

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