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Final Destination No Love Lost Shadow Logging On Rigged to Blow The Master and the Molotov Russian Revolution Roman's Sorrow Escuela of the Streets Street Sweeper Search and Delete Easy as Can Be Out of the Closet Luck of the Irish Blow Your Cover The Puerto Rican Connection The Snow Storm Have a Heart No.1 Deconstruction for Beginners Ruff Rider Undress to Kill Photo Shoot Wrong is Right The Holland Play Hostile Negotiation Portrait of a Killer Dust Off Call and Collect Paper Trail Final Interview Holland Nights Lure Harboring a Grudge Waste Not Want Knots Three Leaf Clover A Long Way to Fall Taking in the Trash Meltdown Museum Piece No Way on the Subway Weekend at Florian's Late Checkout Actions Speak Louder than Words I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle Smackdown Babysitting Tunnel of Death Blood Brothers Undertaker Hating the Haters Union Drive Buoys Ahoy I'll Take Her Ransom She's A Keeper Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend Truck Hustle Pegorino's Pride Payback Catch the Wave Trespass To Live and Die in Alderney Flat Line Pest Control Entourage Dining Out Liquidize the Assets Go to the projects, talk to Alonzo and ask if he knows which apartment Teddy is in.In this chapter, Niko has an opportunity to work under mobsters Ray Boccino, Phil Bell and Jimmy Pegorino.

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Once all the goons have been eliminated, Teddy reaches a dead end (he tries to use the fire exit but it's locked) and he doesn't put up much of a fight. Ray wants Niko to meet some friends of his and collect some diamonds which are hidden in garbage.

After the cutscene, Niko is automatically disguised as a trash collector for the task which lies ahead.

A yellow marker on the next floor indicates where Teddy's apartment is.

Enter Teddy's apartment and eliminate the three goons inside. There are two more goons situated on the stairs, and the final goon is waiting on the roof.

Niko calls Ray to update him on what's happened, and tells him to meet him at the bridge in Middle Park.

Meet Ray and hand over the diamonds to complete the mission.Get in the Trashmaster (indicated by the green blip on the radar) and meet Ray's friends.Drive to the first diamond pickup, which is indicated by the yellow blip.Eventually, the gang crash their vehicle next to the fountain in Middle Park.Take down each of the gang members using cover where necessary.Get in the car and begin chasing the gang, but don't kill Luca - you'll need him alive in order to get the diamonds.

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