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Instead, the most interesting result of men's dating preferences was that there was a clear point at which men stop valuing a woman’s increasing intelligence.

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In the old days single people were looked upon as outcasts of society...

On a broader level, men being scared of smart women limits women's roles in society.

Although there are increasingly more leadership opportunities for women, as well as positions in previously male-dominated industries like engineering and medicine, men, by and large, still run shit.

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Meet Senior Singles at e Harmony - It can be difficult to meet other single seniors with whom you share common interests, goals, and backgrounds within your geographical area.Men don't consider themselves sharp enough to keep up, so they automatically nix brainy babes from the running.According to the paper, "When evaluating psychologically near targets (e.g., in real interactions, spatially near interactions), men may be less attracted to women who outperform them, and this could be due to momentary shifts in their self-evaluations (e.g., feeling less masculine from being outsmarted by a woman)." This wouldn't be a problem if so many men weren't plagued by the pervasive gender role that says they have to be the "smarter ones." In our culture, we're socialized to think men must "support the household" with a higher cash flow, and that higher cash flow comes from greater professional capability and work ethic, which in turn are borne out of intelligence itself.Another study found that men who are outperformed by women who take the same test as them find them less attractive after the test than they did before. This explains why clever women threaten men, or why some women downplay their intelligence in an attempt to be more sexually appealing. Which is stupid, especially for women who are smart.The researchers tentatively concluded this was because men felt these smarter women were a threat to their masculinity. No one should ever have to dumb down to be considered attractive, especially when it's so the male in the relationship can feel more secure in being the (falsely) more intelligent partner.It's "polite, proper and motherly" for a woman to stoop down to the low brain count level of her male partner because it just same reason why so many women fake orgasms and are scared to tell their male partners when they don't like something in bed — because men's fragile, special snowflake-like egos could be damaged by the suggestion they're anything but virile, sexually potent fuck-gods.

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