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Disabling auto-commit improves performance in terms of time and processing effort as a COMMIT need not be issued for every SQL statement affecting the database.

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This tutorial is a continuation from the Connecting to a My SQL Database tutorial and assumes that you have already created a My SQL database named , which you have registered a connection for in the Net Beans IDE.

The table data used in that tutorial is contained in and is also required for this tutorial.

The source code is compiled and tested in my dev environment.

This document describes how to create a simple web application that connects to a My SQL database server.

A transaction is a collection of DML statements that are executed as if they are a single operation.

Callable statements are used for calling Oracle stored procedures from Java and are discussed in a separate section "Calling Stored Procedures in JDBC Programs," later in the chapter.

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All examples given here are as simple as possible to help beginners.

However, if you choose to set the auto-commit mode off, you can do so by calling the //Load and register Oracle driver Driver Manager.register Driver(new driver.

Oracle Driver()); //Establish a connection conn = Driver Connection ("jdbc:oracle:thin:@training:1521: Oracle", "oratest", "oratest"); //Disable auto-commit mode Auto Commit(false); Tips Explicit COMMIT or ROLLBACK is done for a transaction and not for individual DML statements.

Whenever a new Connection is opened, the transaction auto-commit mode is turned on.

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