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Usually, a young Romanian woman lives with her parents.

You might find this as being silly or funny, but the truth is that Romanian people care a lot about their families and they usually stick together until they get married.

Eastern Orthodox 78% Greek Catholic 10% Roman Catholic 5% Protestant 5% Unitarian, Jewish, other Romanian, a Latin based language which is a continuation of the Latin spoken in ancient times in Dacia and Moesia - the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. Ethnic minorities (Hungarian and German) use their own languages in school and civil administration. Most Romanians living in towns and cities are able to communicate in English, French or German.

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Romania order the comprehensive "Romanian - English/ English Romanian Dictionary & Phrasebook" please e-mail: [email protected] visit book also includes information about Romania's historical and cultural background.

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Ilie Nastase is still one of crowd's favorites at the U. Since winning the Van Cliburn Competition in 1966, he's gained a loyal following for his idiosyncratic interpretations that always explore the complex emotions behind the music.

(Attribution: More about Radu Lupu » Nadia Comaneci — A gymnastics legend, stunning the world with her skills on the uneven bars, the first in the world to score a perfect 10.

Ro January 1 and 2: New Year January 24: Union of Romanian Principalities Wallachia and Moldova February 19: birthday of artist Constantin Brancusi March, April or May: Orthodox Easter Monday (date varies, please see below) May 1: Labor Day May or June: Whit Monday November 30: Saint Andrew Day (Sfantul Andrei) December 1: Romania's National Day December 18: Day of Ethnic Minorities December 25 and 26: Christmas Dates of the Orthodox Easter (public holiday): 2018 - April 8 and 9 2019 - April 28 and 29 2020 - April 19 and 20 2021 – May 2 – April 23 – April 24 – May 5 and 6 2025 - April 20 and 21 Dates of Rusaliile (public holiday): 2018 - May 27 and 28 2019 - June 16 an 17 2020 - June 1 – June 22 – June 23 – June 4 – June 23 and 24 2025 - June 8 and 9 According to the Greek Orthodox Church, nearly every day of the year is dedicated to the memory of at least one Christian saint or martyr.

As a foreign boyfriend of a Romanian woman there are some things that only a British husband of a Romanian woman can teach you.

Also, you should give her a call when you know you will run a little late. You can get a Romanian woman really pissed off if she prepares dinner for you and you arrive late without letting her know about this. If you lose your wallet and remain moneyless she will feel really bad and worried for you.

It’s not about the missing money, it’s about the fact that in Romania, having your wallet disappeared is a real tragedy.

So if you have your own place to live, she will highly appreciate it because the two of you could be alone together at your place.

Almost all educated Romanian girls know English and French.

More than 55% of Romania's population lives in urban areas (there are 230 towns, 25 cities with a population of more than 100,000 and 8 cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants) while 45 % of Romanians have their main residence in rural areas (2,868 communes and 13,285 villages).

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