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So if you want to spread the Good News all over the known world as quickly as possible, what language do you choose if we’re talking about the first century? For example, in English we have one word for “love.” We use the same word whether we’re saying, “I love my wife” or “I love that lasagna” or “I love my cat.” It’s the same word.

You could go anywhere in the Roman Empire – anywhere in the known world of that day – and you’d find some people speaking Latin (which was the language of the Romans), you’d find some people speaking Aramaic (which was the language of the Jews) and you’d find Jewish people in the synagogues speaking Hebrew (which was the language of the Bible).

But the language that everyone understood and that virtually everyone could speak was Greek! Whether you were Jewish or Gentile – no matter where you were from – whatever your background, if you were alive in the first century, chances are you could understand the Greek language. He wanted the good news of Jesus the Messiah to be proclaimed to every nation, every tribe, and every tongue everywhere in the world. And Greek is one of the most expressive and beautiful languages ever devised by man.

It will provide invaluable data for historians describing events that span thousands of years.

We’re going to use 40 different writers – most of whom never knew each other – and they’re going to write 66 different books.

Therefore, no matter what any other book says, whether religious or scientific, if it contradicts the Bible, it is wrong.

But let me tell you what makes the Bible so amazing.

So that’s what gave birth to the Greek New Testament.

It’s a beautiful collection of documents written in the most expressive language ever devised by man. Many people believe the Bible has been rewritten so many times that we cannot trust it. Some people think that the Bible was written in one language, translated to another language, then translated into yet another and so on until it was finally translated into the English.

Everything we need to know to understand our times we find in the Bible. Some were learned in all the arts of the times and others were unschooled fishermen.

The Bible was written by about 40 men within about 1600 years dating from around 1500 B. Other books are soon out of date, but this book spans the centuries.

It will include the most profound statements in the fields of philosophy and science.

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