Harmony 1100 remote not updating Chat randomsex

As it stands, you can program in a setup for TV2 and DVD2 that would work for another room, but there really needs to be a layer on top that allows you to switch from room to room.

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One big way to help alleviate any IR conflict issues is to go the RF route--whether you've hidden all your equipment in a cabinet/closet or not (RF technology allows you to control devices through walls and obstructions without the need for line of sight).

Unfortunately, to use this remote's RF capabilities, you'll need to purchase the optional Logitech RF Wireless Extender and plug it into an outlet fairly close to your equipment.

Inevitably, some component just won't turn on or off when it's supposed to.

Hitting the help button on the remote and answering a couple of simple yes-or-no questions will usually rectify the problem, but ideally you want to hit one button, not several, to get what you want, especially considering how expensive this remote is.

While the online price can go as low as $70, it's usually closer to $100--and that's pretty steep.

We'd feel a lot better about the Harmony 1100's exorbitant price tag if Logitech tossed one of the extenders in the box as a freebie.You then connect the wiry IR blasters to the wireless receiver and literally stick each blaster onto the front of your equipment so it's in line with the component's IR port.If you have more than eight components--or components in separate rooms--you'll have to purchase additional Wireless Extenders.In short, with a couple of hours of diligent trial and error (connecting and reconnecting your remote to your computer, tweaking the settings, and uploading the new settings), you can get your system working almost the way you want it to.Doing so with a laptop or a computer that's in the same room is a huge advantage.We liked the overall design of the 1100, though if you're used to using a wand-style remote, the horizontal nature of the tablet-style remote control takes a little getting used to.

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