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The High Priest undergarments as we have noted were white linen but the four outer garments were richly embroidered in multiple colors not akin but richer in beauty and ornamental designs than the kings of the nations surrounding them.

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(Samuel II, I, 24) The Israeli investigators eventually identified the Kermes oak coccid and by it developed a scarlet pigment of an orange hue from the insect.

The last recorded testimony of the tola0at ha-shani in the Temple is the record of the scarlet thread by Josephus.

(Tanakh) Deuteronomy - You shall make tassels on the four corners of the clothing with which you cover yourself.

This was not such a unique custom as most of the nations of the ancient world used fringes as part of their dress wardrobe and most were also packed with symbolic meaning.

The ancients though did not have the technology perfected to dye linen so in order to have a dyed thread, it had to be dyed on wool.

Yet there was also a , in which the ordinary person could not wear a garment containing both wool and linen.

The Pomegranates and the Golden Bells were aligned along the bottom of the hem of the blue tunic of the Cohen Gadol.

Besides the use of blue threads in the curtains of the tabernacle (Exodus 26;1), the veil before the ark of the covenant (Exodus ), the screen on the door of the Tent of Meeting (Exodus ), the Ephod (Exodus 28:5-6), the headdress for the High Priest (Exodus ), and the sash or girdles for the priests (Exodus ), there was also commanded by the Lord of hosts, tassels with blue threads that were to be worn by the children of Israel.

This hem or fringe also became at times a part of his signature as it would be impressed within the clay tablet itself. The Scribe by Rabbi Karro Yet the Torah evokes not only the symbolic power of the with its identity with the priesthood and nobility, but with its inclusion as part of the 613 commandments of the Torah given to all Israel, even the Hebrew peasant who wore one blue thread in a tassel on each of the four corners of his garment would elevated the wearer as part of the noble and royal race of Israel.

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