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We might speculate that this deterioration was triggered not only by his increasing preoccupation with building a glorious palace and temple, but also by Sheba's return to her country.

Never again would Solomon encounter or love a woman he could call her equal.

Anyway I'd like to know more about the Israeli bloodline connection to Ethiopia. We know he did just about everybody in a 1000 sq miles but being black? I was eatin mah clam chowda I got at the pizza paula down by the hawba, and gotta say that ganja don’t smell as bad as joisey or yonkuz. Well, it starts with Queen Makeda and King Solomon's epic romance.

The last real African pharoah was Nectanebo II before the Arabic and Grecian pharoahs came into place, and he exiled to Ethiopia. So when you mix Jewish and Jamaican and Africa.sounds like Reggae...incredible! If King Solomon was black, he was probably mixed; seeing that his father was David (not black) and his mother Bathsheba, whom he had an adulturous affair with; she was the wife of a hittite; and Hittites come from Ham, who were the darker ones. According to the Kebra Nagast and the Torah, King Solomon sent troops to escort the safe return of the lovely Madeda to Sheba which is part of the Ethiopian Empire.

Because Menelek's facial features, eyes, legs and gait were similar to his father's, Solomon recognized him instantly.

Rejoicing in his firstborn male heir, he wanted Menelek to be his successor, but Menelek refused.

There's also sketchyconnections between Moses and Ahkenaten and some newevidence of King David in old Egyptian remains. Think about it, Do you think the only slaves that split Egypt were only Hebrews? The visit of the Queen of Sheba was the culminating point of Solomon's life.

After she left, he continued to write and speak words of wisdom, but he and Israel deteriorated.

After she left, Solomon took 700 wives and 300 concubines, many who were foreign women who eventually "turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with the Lord his God."IKings 10 and IKings11:3-4.

While the Queen of Sheba's visit was a time of glory, it marked the beginning of the end for Solomon and all of Israel.

"Going back" to Ethiopia isnt that big a thing anymore, at least that's what I heard since Salassi died.

[email protected] Rastraferian is a bit of joke to them too.anticon, I never heard it was in Ethiopia either..I guess I learn something new everyday. A very well kept secret in western society is that Batsheba and Solomon were black.

) Although Menelek remained for a time to study the laws of the Hebrews, Menelek, like his mother, chose to return to Sheba.

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