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Shit, most couples have trouble with infidelity when they’re glued together 24/7, let alone separated for extended periods of time.That’s not to say it’s impossible, but my experience shows that it’s extremely difficult. This is the main problem with keeping an exclusive relationship when living far away from your significant other.At that point, the calls become less frequent, until eventually you’re sitting there wondering, “Why hasn’t she called? ” She might be studying with her girlfriends or helping out her sick grandma, but most tend to think the worst.

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Beware and Alert your facebook friends about this worst nightmare.

Let me first explain how this Facebook Blackmail SCAM works.

Some people take distance as a free pass on morals.

Set ups where you can’t keep tabs on your partner almost encourage people to live double lives.

At first, you’ll be talking on the phone all day long, texting how much you miss each other, and video chatting every chance you get.

Then she’ll slowly get used to her changed environment and make new friends, many of which might be dudes.The same goes for those who constantly travel for work purposes.It’s too damn easy to fly into a new city, bang a stranger, and keep it moving like nothing ever happened.Not that I encourage it, but if you’re rolling like that, don’t forget to pack protection.You wouldn’t want to bring a nasty souvenir home to the main squeeze.He’ll love hearing about her asshole boyfriend who lives across the country.

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