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Bernina machine serial numbers are found on the back of the power supply cover. The first 2 digits of the serial number can determine the Year in which a Bernina machine was manufactured.

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Some information on dating your Bernina machine based on the serial number.

I was mainly just curious as to its vintage, but that was just as I stated for curiosity purposes.

I own several Marlin leverguns, actually more than I can remember at this time.

My first levergun was a 1972 vintage 39A that my dad gave me brand new and it has been an excellent rifle and provided me with over 34 years of excellent service.

I have an affinity for Marlin .22 leverguns and own the following in that caliber.

Two 1895's converted to .50 Alaskan One .444 Marlin One 336 Cowboy .30-30 Two 336 Cowboy .38/55's One 336 .35 Remington pre-safety that has been cut down to 16-1/2" barrel One 336T .30-30 pre-safety One 336 .30-30 saddle ring straight grip rifle One 336ER .356 Winchester One 336 .44 Magnum One 36A rifle .32 Winchester I may have forgotten one or two, but this is a fair representation of what I currently own and shoot.

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