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All the while, the company’s Android app has fewer than 1,000 downloads and its i Phone app is yet to even crack the App Store’s Top 1000 most-downloaded apps. There’s some genuinely great thinking behind the app that primes it for success in today’s hottest app category.

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And I can’t imagine how anyone could make doing so any faster — without scanning your brain waves, at least.

Taptalk got its first break on Product Hunt, a new site beloved by the tech elite that aims to list the most interesting new websites and apps.

Messages disappear once you’ve read them, but that’s not really the point.

The point is to make sharing a photo or video as fast as physically possible.

A common critique of Snapchat is that when you receive a message, there’s no way to know if it was sent to you or also to 10 others.

When I spoke recently with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel about the latest version of his app, he talked about how it eschewed traditional metaphors for placing and receiving calls in order to make video chat as simple as possible.In other words, Taptalk combines the act of shooting and sending a photo in one tap.This means you need to be careful that you don’t tap the wrong person, because Taptalk includes no unsend button.By breaking down these metaphors, Spiegel says, we can become closer to the people we love.For sending a quick photo, Taptalk might be the closest we’ve yet come.Snapchat went a long way towards rethinking how we chat by reversing the order in which we send messages: while most photo apps treat photos as attachments to be tacked on to your texts, Snapchat made sending a quick photo the first order of business upon opening the app. When you open the app, you immediately see a camera viewfinder, mimicking Snapchat’s trademark interface.

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