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Overall, chlamydia rates went up 9.2% from 2007 to 2008, the most recent year for which there is data. Syphilis rates are up 67% since 2004,and jumped 18% from 2007 to 2008.

The team's top players can rake in up to 30 million yuan ($4.54 million) a year each from tournament prize money, commercial endorsements and payments from avid fans who spend hours watching them play online.

China's craze for e-sports is being propelled by the country's booming video game market, the world's largest and one that is expected to register $27.5 billion in sales this year, according to the gaming consultancy Newzoo.

Other cities, like Zhongxian in the municipality of Chongqing, are also building facilities to profit from the e-sports boom.

Some industry participants, however, are already worried about a bubble forming, and rising debt levels as local governments jump into e-sports investment."Maybe some of the developers don't have pure intentions, they are just using e-sports as an excuse to get land at a cheap price from local government," said Tao Junyin, marketing director of VSPN, a leading e-sports content company.

Liu Xuefeng, a freshman from Anhui province, applied for a gaming degree program in the western city of Chengdu - despite facing push-back from his concerned parents."I am very interested in this program, and they couldn't stop me, so they had to cave in the end," he said, adding that he wanted to be an e-sports commentator.

Her rise to the top of the House of Grimaldi was troubled by dark rumours of infidelity, vicious rows and an alleged attempt to run away from her own fairytale wedding to Prince Albert, ruler of Monaco.

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To find the most current information, please enter your topic of interest into our search box. 16, 2009 - Teen girls and young women have the highest rates of chlamydia, the sexually transmitted disease that's exploding across the U. More than 1.2 million cases have been officially reported, the largest number of cases for any of the diseases that must be reported to the CDC.

Some universities are even rolling out gaming degrees.

Alisports, which organises the World Electronic Sports Games, successfully lobbied the Olympic Council of Asia to include e-sports at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou.

But with the birth of her enchanting royal twins, Gabriella and Jacques, Princess Charlene of Monaco has secured not only the line of succession for the Monegasque family - but also her own position. Now, the driving force behind Charlene's unwavering strength of character can be disclosed: a dark family secret that saw three children dumped in a Barnardo's home, husbands abandoning their wives and an entire family wiped out by a wartime bomb.

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