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The work burndown chart shows how much work people have finished, how much is scheduled to be finished before the project finish date, and the baseline estimate of how much work would be completed at this point in the project.

The task burndown chart shows the number of tasks finished, the number remaining, and the baseline estimate of how many would be finished at this point in the project.

But they are useful tools for any project management style.

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Burndown reports compare planned, completed, and remaining work on a chart that updates automatically as you change project data.

The first sprint went well and they completed 90, leaving 270.

Things continued to progress well during the second sprint, but during the third sprint, the estimated work remaining actually burned up.

The Team Project portal site in TFS 2010 is the collaboration hub for many activities that typically includes document libraries, team calendar, wiki, reporting, and more.

TFS 2010 includes a number of reports that can be displayed on the portal using SSRS (using either Share Point 2010 Foundation or Share Point 2010 Enterprise) and Excel Services (using Share Point 2010 Enterprise).

Work remaining can be shown in whatever unit the team prefers -- story points, ideal days, team days and so on.

On the burndown chart pictured above, the team started a project that was planned to be six sprints. To finish within six sprints, they planned to average 60 points per sprint.

To update this, we can override the parameters being passed into the report through the URL.

I want to set Start Date, End Date, and Iteration parameters to display the correct data.

Choose the Manage option in the context menu of the report In the settings screen, choose the Parameters tab and find the parameter you are looking for. In this instance, it is Iteration Param The format of the Iteration Param parameter wasn’t intuitive. So it wouldn’t take a simple text value such as “Iteration 01”.

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