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After all, very few of us have an extra 0 a week to drop for just an hour of help.

Luckily, there are affordable and even free sources of counseling out there.

In these cases, many feel a close connection with said clergy member already - as they already look to them as a spiritual leader - therefore, discussing personal issues is significantly easier than it may have been with a stranger.

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Find some places you may feel comfortable visiting nearby, as well as make a few calls and even drop by for a few services to see how it feels.

For example, say you have decided this is the route you'd like to go.

In fact, while many counselors do indeed have license as well as educational backgrounds in the subject of Psychology, counselors can also be people such as clergy, life coaches, spiritual advisors, etc.

Therapists on the other hand are always licensed and hold a degree in the subject they advise on.

Similar groupies include: groups of people who are looking for free grief counseling, those dealing with issues within their relationships, abuse or even simply negative thinking.

Basically, if you can think it, there is probably a support group out there for it.

Source: First however, it is important to understand the difference between counseling and therapy.

While a counselor will generally listen, give advice and help the individual in question to reach a specific desired outcome, they aren't always trained specifically in Psychology.

This is because, unfortunately, it carries with it the stigma that comes from being labeled as "weak".

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