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Once again, a player on my friend list logged out but the friends count in the social bar did not change.In other words, the social bar said "Friends: 1" but in the friends window it said "0 Friends online".I asked two guildies about this and they could confirm this bug; they have seen it multiple times but did not bother reporting it.

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There are two positions where the number of online players from your friends list are shown: 1) At the top-left corner in the social bar, e.g.

"Republic Fleet: 175, Friends: 7, Guild: 6" 2) In the top-right corner of the friends window, e.g.

In this case, the player who caused the bug to happen closed the game normally with Options - Exit Game.

Therefore, there must be some other factor in play to decide whether this bug occurs or not.

New information: - Whenever this bug happens, you also do not get a chat notification. is now offline" but whenever this bug happens, the chat just says nothing at all.

- Usually, in addition to the chat notification, you also get a notification in the "Social Notifications" part of the UI close to the chat, and the game will play a short ping sound.

"6 Friends online" For a few months now, I have seen a bug where the friends count in 1) is different from the count in 2). For example, after midnight, 1) would show six friends online, while the friends window 2) in fact only shows one friend online.

I believe that this bug happens because in some part of the player logout procedure, the event is not propagated to the social bar.

Steps to reproduce: 1) Take a look at the social bar in the top left corner, e.g.

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