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It's funny, you have the dating scan and everything is ok, then you worry if the anamoly shows anything lol.We didn't have the nuchal test as it wouldn't change anything but always worry about the 20 wk scan as we have a lot of heart probs in the family.

After being let down elsewhere, I rang window to the womb, Leicester and I was not disappointed.

I explained I'd had money taken from me from another sonographer and her company and she'd rip us off and the ladies here were lovely.

However we were warned that the reason most nhs trust dont do early scans is because even if everything is fine at the time byt he time you get to 12 weeks something could still have gone wrong.

Hun - if i hadnt have thought i'd lost my baby i wouldn't have had the scan - the only thing you can see is a tiny thing on the screan which hardly resembles a baby and its a lot of money - likewise if it will put your mind at rest then go for it - its yours and your partners choice - i wish you all the best with you pregnancy xxx it will definately put my mind at rest I know safe period does not come until after 12wks and some wil say 16wks but then the worst can happen at any stage I just really want to see that so far all is good then i can try to relax until the next stage i'm so impatient! I had a private scan as at five weeks i started to get funny discharge. It carried on i was a mess and convinced i had lost baby.

On arrival all team members were really friendly and explained everything in detail throughout the scan.

I reccommend their services highly in comparison to others I have been to with my previous pregnancies. very very thorough with scan, talked us through everything that they were doing during the scan, staff were very welcoming and made you feel at ease instantly! CHLOE & LEWIS 🙂We such a pleasant experience at Window to the Womb.....At the scan there was no midwife, just the sonographer who told me I was miscarring However they also treated me for a urine infection and sent me home.At 7 weeks I hadn't had any bledding and no more pain so asked doctor if I could have another scan.i was given a scan a at 6 weeks i just spoke to my doctor about being really worried and he booked me in at the early pregnancy unit for a scan didnt even include a midwife.worth a try before you spend money Hello, I had a NHS early scan at 5 weeks as I had lots of pain and they thought I may have an eptopic pregnancy.I then heard the heartbeat at 16 weeks and am now 18 4 and still not reassured lol.

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