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These problems, if left untreated, affect not just the child, but can also have “profound implications” for their family and community, says the Child Trauma Academy, a non-profit based in Houston.Unsurprisingly, a report published by the Colombian government’s Institute of Family Welfare found that the impact of the war on children has been particularly pronounced and can have long-lasting impacts on their psycho-social development.

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But when they start to tell their story, all the children listen.”Any account of Colombia’s long, dirty war is filled with personal tragedies, but the numbers, too, tell a story: 2.3 million children have been displaced from their homes, and 45,000 children killed, according to national figures cited by Unicef.

In total, one in three of the 7.6 million registered victims of the conflict are children, and since 1985, 8,000 minors have disappeared.

“I was in the middle of speaking when I looked around the auditorium, and they were all crying.

Not because it was a great talk but because of what they had experienced,” he said.

Some members of this group have lost family members to the war with the FARC; others have seen their parents threatened or their siblings targeted by armed groups trying to recruit them.

Many of their families have been displaced by the war and now call this dusty part of Colombia’s capital city home.

With many other therapies or treatments out of reach, meetings like this might be the only chance some children will get to tell their story.

During their sessions with Muñoz, children, and sometimes their parents, sit down to talk about what has happened to their families, eating tamales, drinking soda or hot chocolate.

​While everyone thought that a deal to end the war had been clinched in August, those who opposed the peace deal won a referendum by a wafer-thin margin, with 50.21 percent of the vote.

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