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Go to "MY Computer" and see if it shows up as a "Removable disk" 5. need help with reformatting let me know.

Now, plug it into the computer, it would be better if you used a USB 2 port that is located on the back of the computer (it''s on the motherboard) 4.

If there is a corrupted file on flash, the firmware runs into an endless loop and the player will be inaccessible.

sandisk m240 updating-4

Should I try another model of player (like a Creative Zen V Plus)?

Or should I just get my money back and listen through the laptop? I'm using a different device for Netlibrary files, so I can't comment on the Sandisk player itself.

So wish you all the best and looking forward to see you again!

It was great fun and a good experience, I'll definitely come to another event and bring my friends next time.

I bought an m240 for my wife to listen to audiobooks from Net Library.

Two weeks have now passed in which we've exhausted Sandisk's Customer Support and we have yet to get any of several books to synchronize.

You can't drag and drop the file into the player, you do have to sync it in order for it to play.

BTW, the above is how it works in WMP 10, not sure about 11.

We've pulled batteries, re-formatted to FAT, updated to firmware 4.0.44A.

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