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To iterate the entire set, use 2) Calling the Scripting. Item method will silently add the key if it is not in the dictionary. Collection parameter order is Add(Item, Key); Dictionary is Add(Key, Item) so I recommend to always use named arguments to avoid confusion. I chose to have my Dictionary object throw an error if you address a key that does not exist. Add parameters is different in a Collection from a Dictionary.Screen Updating = False Try it in combination with these lines: Application. Screen Updating = True Just some additional info: If you want to do this in VBA for Access, the command is: Do Cmd.

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Situation 1: When you are deleting a sheet using VBA, Excel popup a warning message.

Situation 2: When you are saving a file with already existing file name, Excel popup a warning message.

Screenupdating only affects what you see, it does not affect what actually happens.

If you activate a sheet in the code, it becomes the active sheet, whether you can see it or not.

Here are the example codes to control the Events, Screen Updating, Progress Bar, Display Alerts and other Application Objects.

This will help you to write Optimized VBA Code to fasten your code and build better VBA Macro Applications. Enable Events = False 'Do your Task 'changing combo box combo1.Valli is sharing useful VBA examples ad Tips to helps us automating daily tasks.Can anyone tell me the VB to stop my Excel Macro from updating the screen while it runs. Right(db Path, 1) "\" Then ' if last char in db Path has no slash Range("databaselocation"). Value & "\" db Path = db Path & "\" End If does Folder Exist (db Path) Application. Group='" & selectedgroup & "');" 'On Error Go To Error Handler With Active Sheet. Add(Connection:=s Conn Params, Destination:=Range("J1")) . Access97 (and probably 2000, don't know yet)will NOT turn your screen updating back on, until you explicitly tell it to. You'll get a frozen application, and have to kill it useing the task manager.

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