Usda fact sheet on food product dating

Class I complaints are immediately investigated to protect the public health.

CDPH officials and other state or federal agencies are advised as required.

(Example: finding a foreign object in a food product.)Class II complaints are investigated based on the inherent risk of injury that the issue poses.

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See Food Storage Guidelines for more information on storage times for dairy products.

The US has not legislated any sell-by dates for dairy products in the U. The government does state that if you stamp or print a date on a can or package you must include a phrase to describe the date such as: "Best by" or "Use By". The term "food expiration dates" has become a generic term describing any date shown on a food product label.

If the situation involves suspected botulism please contact your Local Health Department immediately.

Up on receipt of a consumer complaint, FDB evaluates the report to determine how serious the problem is, and, if necessary, may request additional information from the person who filed the report before taking action.

Most foods are safe and useable beyond those dates.

Read complete article on food expiration dates including a chart with times foods can be used past their printed dates. Some, but not all canned goods have "best by" dates printed on the can but most can be stored beyond that date.

All Tampering FDB/FDA FDBNon-Food (e.g., drug, medical device) FDB/FDA FDBCommercially Processed Foods LHDs FDBProduce (pesticide related illness) LHDs DPRProduce (non-pesticide related illness) LHDs FDBDairy Products Produced out-of state LHDs FDB/FDADairy Products Produced in California LHDs CDFA, FDAMeat & Poultry LHDs CDFA, USDAShell Eggs LHDs CDFA, USDA, FDBSeafood & Shellfish LHDs FDB CDFA - California Department of Food & Agriculture USDA - U. Department of Agriculture DPR - Department of Pesticide Regulation FDB - CDPH’s Food and Drug Branch LHDs - Local Health Departments FDA - U. Food and Drug Administration • Accidental poisonings: Poison control centers or hospital • Alcoholic beverages: Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms • Dispensing and sales practices of pharmacies: State Board of Pharmacy • Drug abuse and controlled substances: Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration • Hazardous household products (including toys, appliances, and chemicals): Consumer Product Safety Commission – 1 (800) 638-2772 • Hazardous chemicals in the workplace: U. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration• Medical practice: Medical Board of California • Pesticides or air and water pollution: U. Environmental Protection Agency • Restaurant food and sanitation: Local health department • Unsolicited products in the mail: U.

It is best to use or freeze fish the day you purchase it. Different types of cheese are usable for longer periods of times than other.

Follow up activities initiated may include contacting the retailer, distributor, and manufacturer to identify the responsible firm, and the facility location.

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