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The influence of formaldehyde on soft tissue was 14 times larger than that on cortical bone.Unfortunately, an effective method for removing the influence of formaldehyde has not yet been found.As technology infiltrates every aspect of our lives, it is no wonder that solving crimes has become almost futuristic in its advances.

With all this forensic technology, its no wonder that this field is one of the fastest growing in the U. Shows like CSI and NCIS have made most of the forensic science techniques used today common knowledge.

You might think that virtually the whole gamut of forensic technology is old hat to today’s savvy viewer.

The only people in the forensic science field that have ready access to Carbon-14 Dating equipment are forensic scientists, usually with a Master’s Degree in Forensic Anthropology or Forensic Archaeology. : With these forensic technologies, crime scene investigators, forensic scientists and police officers can quickly and easily compare a fingerprint at a crime scene with an extensive virtual database.

In addition, the incorporation of magnetic fingerprinting dust and no-touch wanding allows investigators to get a perfect impression of fingerprints at a crime scene without contamination.

In order to accurately understand and interpret findings with this forensic technology, a Master’s Degree in Forensic Accounting is necessary.

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C ages could be obtained only from the samples not preserved in formaldehyde.

The years of birth were determined by the ages of the dentin samples, while the years of death were determined by the ages of the bone and soft tissue samples.

Still, most people don’t know exactly what DNA sequencers are and how they may be used.

Most forensic scientists and crime lab technicians use what’s called DNA profiling to identify criminals and victims using trace evidence like hair or skin samples.

Virtually anyone, from a crime scene investigator to a firearms examiner, can operate a high-speed camera without any additional education or training.

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