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By the way, the same thing could be said of dinner dates as well. Reserve those only for women you’ve had sex with twice, and don’t give into any woman who demands otherwise.

You may have the strongest feelings of your life, which is great when things are good. Here are six dating tips to help you keep your head during this exciting time.

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If your goal is to get to sex as fast and as cheaply as possible, you must never, ever go on an event date with any woman until you’ve had sex with her twice.

This is because going on an event date for a first or second date will actually drive down the odds of her have sex with you not only quickly, but ever. I’ve talked about how your frame should be 85% player, 15% provider. In terms of women’s three buttons, going on an event date pre-sex will place you in the category of Make Him Wait.

Societal Programming also strongly reinforces event dates as a first/second date option.

Just Google around and you’ll see literally thousands of websites titled things like “7 Reasons Why Going Rock Climbing Is A Great First Date.” NO!

But, if your goal is to build a roster of long-term FB’s and MLTR’s by getting to sex quickly and cheaply, you can not do any event dates with new women.

I realize a lot of you already see the logic in this and are already nodding your heads.

When you say no to a woman who demands an event date pre-sex, you don’t lose; you , even if you don’t get laid (which you probably won’t at that point anyway, since as soon as a woman demands an event date pre-sex, your odds have already gone down regardless of what your response is).

Once you achieve Lock-In with a new woman by having sex with her two times on two different occasions, then event dates are okay if you deem her to be a MLTR (not a FB).

An You can see what all these have in common; they are going “out,” take a long time, are far beyond just getting dinner or drinks, and are completely nonsexual in nature.

Once you’re in an ongoing relationship with a woman where you’re hanging out and having sex regularly, if she’s a MLTR or above, you are more than welcome to go on event dates that if that’s something you both enjoy. The problem is doing event dates with women you have not had sex with twice yet.

Because of your provider, beta male, I-would-make-a-great-monogamous-husband-or-boyfriend frame, she’s going to make you wait for sex even if she was otherwise attracted to you.

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