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You must also tell them what court you'll apply to (usually the Companies Court) and when you'll apply.

Fill in form 7.1A., write a witness statement and take the form and the statement to the court. After you apply you'll be given a hearing on the same day or within the next few days.

The court you apply to depends on how much money shareholders have paid into your company through buying shares.

To carry out liquidation in this way, you should first call a meeting of shareholders and ask them to vote.

75% of shareholders (by value of share) must agree to the winding-up in order to pass a "winding-up resolution".

But to make no attempt to liquidate his debt was as impossible as to speak to his father.

To Africa this country owes a debt larger than she is able to liquidate.

There are 6 steps you need to follow in order to liquidate in this way.

The Address for Companies House is as follows: Companies House Crown Way Cardiff CF14 3UZCompulsory Liquidation This is where your company is unable to pay its debts and your creditors have applied to get the debt paid.

He must liquidate the obligation, or be forgiven the debt by the creditor.

Who will find means to liquidate the kingdom's indebtedness, whoever may be the creditor?

Your creditors can either: If you don't respond to the court judgment within 14 days, your creditors can apply to have your assets seized by a bailiff or sheriff.

If your assets are not worth the money owed, then your creditors can apply to have your company liquidated.

You must use the court nearest your company's registered office.

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