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It helps you provide your users with feedback on their form submission before sending it to your server.

It saves you bandwidth, server load and it saves time for your users.

Parsley adds its share of classes and elements, to ease nice UI validation result display.

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Form not validating

Component export default redux Connector(redux Form Decorator(Forgot Password)); import React from 'react'; import Prop Types from 'prop-types'; import from 'redux-form'; import from '../../../components'; import from '../validation'; const redux Form Decorator = redux Form(); const prop Types = ; function security() Types = prop Types; export default redux Form Decorator(security); .

That's because it compares previous values to new values to see if it needs to validate, but it's comparing initial values with each other because the form has already been reset.

Javascript form validation is not necessary, and if used, it does not replace strong backend server validation.

That's why Parsley is here: to let you define your general form validation, implement it on the backend side, and simply port it frontend-side, with maximum respect to user experience best practices.

This documentation also provides the complete annotated source.

Please take 5 minutes of your time to have a quick glance at it, and at least understand the architecture (Parsley, Parsley Form, Parsley Field, Parsley Validator, Parsley UI, Utils, Pub/Sub..), it will heavily ease the lecture below. Parsley will parse the input's value and pass the date, or reject the value if it's not an acceptable date.

For cases where more complex parameters are needed, you can specify extra parameters; refer to the source and check how the for each locale.

Parsley ships a UI/UX component that is the only one responsible for classes, error messages, focus or trigger events that alter your page. Here are the main mottos for Parsley UI: Naturally, all of this is absolutely customizable; you'll see below how to configure your desired UX behavior.

For performance reasons, Parsley does not use j Query events, but the API to listen to events is very similar: By default, all 2xx ajax returs are considered valid, all others failure.

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