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His Clients include Jackie Shroff, Karan Grover, Ash Chandler among several others.Sameera Reddy, who has been away from the limelight, is all set to tie the knot and become Sameera Varde!

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Sameera and Akshai have been dating for past two and half years.

The couple was often seen together on Bikes, but it was due to helmet that she couldnot be recognized.

The other element in my ‘formula’ is hugging and kissing- a lot!

For me, demonstrating my love physically is just as important as talking.

The 31 year groom Akshai Varde, is considered one of the most eligible Bachelors having a dashing persona as well as a highly lucrative Business under him.

Akshai started Vardenchi Motorcycles in 2005 and since then has designed more than 200 custom Motorcycles.

From being in a long-term alliance to waiting for Mr Right to dating an older man, Nandana Sen, Sameera Reddy and Shahana Goswami speak to Verve straight from their hearts Nandana Sen On long-term commitments When I met my Mr Right What can be more wonderful than finding your soulmate?

I don’t believe in lying about being in a relationship, even though that’s the norm in this industry.

Buzz is the duo is trying their best to keep the details, including the venue, under wraps.

A friend of Sameera revealed, “Sameera is over the moon, though Akshai stays virtually next door.

I feel it’s very important to talk every day, and learn to listen – truly listen – to one another.

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