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Anonymous Chat is a straightforward app for Android.In this app you simply give your age, preferences, location and the app searches interesting anonymous strangers nearby you with whom you can connect.

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The We Farm network lets people ask a question by texting and receiving answers from other farmers.

Kenny Ewan of Scotland helped to set up the network in Kenya in 2014.

When she woke up one morning in February, Catherine Kagendo saw one of her cows on the ground. She and her husband decided to seek advice from We Farm, a group of farmers who exchange text messages. Within an hour, she received suggestions on how to help the milk cow.

Kagendo spoke to the Reuters news agency from her farm in eastern Kenya.

He describes it as “the internet for people who do not have the internet.” The service is free to use and only requires a mobile phone.

Farmers send a text message with their question to a local telephone number.Meet Me is an i OS and Android app using which you can talk to strangers in a jiffy. You can easily make a profile, add your interests and the rest will be taken care of by the app.You should however add an interesting bio if you want to get the results.The answers from We Farm have helped improve the quality of the kale he grows, Kinyua said.“Now I can sell a kilo of kale at the market for 70 shillings instead of 50 shillings." Preventing problems When We Farm receives many answers to a single question, it only sends the user the answers that appear to be correct.Omegle is also pretty useful if you want to talk to interesting women.

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