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The House has a lobby committee headed by Representative Frank Buchanan, Democrat, of Pennsylvania. Predicts More Bcsignations Announcing the subcommittee, had been unable to discover whether 91 homosexuals, permit- ted to.

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There will be no China lobby inquiry unless and until the President gives the word. But the possi- bility will be put to hi m promp tly his return here. In his defense against the Senator's charges, the Johns Hopkina Far Eastern expert made very clear his opinion that Senator Mc- Carthy's Edgar Bergen is the China lobby, "What "Washington understands that to mean is the large collection of old China hands and politically influential lawyers who join with /iationalist China's diplomats to keep Chiang Kai-shek's cause alive. Mirror rats; _„ ttiledtd Ww Vou/ hp and fought ted That »■ Kt»nd ? BRIDGES wa« attacked ^ for hla criticisms of th«[ Statfr department Cb'ma po Uey, 4ut j What he sald^^^has been provid by the courfe'of events. Kixoa was called a head* jtlne hunter, but Ife did produce Ihe pumpkin #hlch icnt Alger ,kl M to h U deatlny. Mcj ' C a Tt Hy TS: Bh OTillng jthou Utfj [ ^bstance. Mc Carthy (R) of Wisconsin, that Communists infest the State department. Tydings (D) sf Maryland, [hairman of the investigating roup, was under attack from a lumber of G. Hill (D) of Alabama, jnem- bert of a special appropri^ions subcommittee, would release this week a report on Homosexuals and sex perverts in government um- ployment.

Two committees are Instantly available for the job. ou Rhowe V~T^6le5 commli Srwarmade lo appear ridiculous, Btrrttt TTrt* and Indices are today the movt Taluable record the country hat in a totirh period. It has been reported ; that approximately 3,500 such In-j , divlduals are now on the federal; payroll.

Xpe Vts to amateurs In, the Btate ' 'Jlepartment, beginning about *lfl37 and running to this day.'' Also move Into the Treasury t 1 ditched the Katlonalis U po Utl-i ; ca Uy. And if he does so in the actual discharge of his duties in the Congress, ' that furnishes no reason why he ; should be able, through the me- dium of the press, to destroy the ! plainly, the re- sponsibility of the legislator was tbbe assumed as the following from the decision of a Federal court in Washington expresses it: •"Presumably legislators will be restrained in the exercise of such a privilege by the respon- sibilities of their office More- over, in the event of their fail- urfc in that regard, they subject to discipline by»^ ^HKRE ARE many, Includk sojne Senators themselves, baleve the Senate has suflfe|ed d^age from the Mc Carthy 1 fair.

■ Make » thorough Invertlga- Ttion of our China policy, noting ' ihe change of personnel from ! It will also serve you, for Ari Cricana Will then know you for;/hat you • ere— an American firafi of all. and % has been rt Micatedly sustained by Ni Jie In his Com 777 enfanca on (he Cnniiuitiimn the t Hrpt'^ffldshed American jurist, Joseph Story, held that while the legislator was privileged to make the speech, publication of It would subject him to a ebs|rge of libel, i fitory wrote: "No man ought to have the right to defame others under the color of a performance of the duties of his ofllce.

Although they had been allowed to take their seats in the Senate, they had not participated in the Senate's business because of the suspected fraud.

In recent years two members of the Senate were expelled, but they were expelled for acts of fraud committed in their election cam- paigns.

Yottll get leads from them which will require the resignations of vther people in high places in tht fovemment." Brewster told senators that the State department's counterattack against Mc Carthy's charges had been organized by assistant Secre- '. "An Alabama New Dealer who was formerly a minor editor for Newsweek magazine, Barrett Joined the office of war informa- tioii when war broke out, became head of its overseas division and was Owen Lattimore's boss tlur- Ing the crucial China years to^jard the end of the war," said Bij^ws- of Michigan told Tydings the public impression left by Mr.

Truman's refusal to unlock the files was that there was evidence Involving government officials which was being covered up.

They would sue him for libel 01 slander if he made the same charge without immunity.

While 'aeeminf^ to meet this challenge, • hp has in fact evaded it.

Truman had dis- Lged the Hiss case when it first :t, thus giving the impression - he was against all c Yaxgr- nst his followers, — — t the evidence.

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