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You can have a portion of your paycheck automatically transferred into a savings account so that you will be less inclined to touch that money.

“The belief is that if you perform an action in the current cycle now, you will be more likely to perform this particular action in the next cycle,” Tam and Dholakia wrote.

“But if you do not perform now, you will be less likely to perform it in the next cycle.” The importance of time perspective is also underlined in a 2014 study performed by renowned psychologist Philip Zimbardo in partnership with Magnify Money.

Despite historically low unemployment rates and increasing household income, Americans still aren’t the greatest savers. That’s compared with savings rates of 19.3 percent in Japan and 5.5 percent in the United Kingdom, according to Trading Economics, a global economic data provider.

The average American saved just a little over 3 percent of their disposable personal income in October, according to the U. Of course, many workers struggle to save simply because their day-to-day expenses eclipse their earnings.

They are more conservative and likely to save for their future to avoid a repeat of previous negative experiences.

But out of the three time orientations — past, present, or future — the group that was in the worst financial shape was the present-minded one.

The study looked at how people’s perception of time impacted their financial health.

After surveying 3,049 participants in six countries, Zimbardo, co-author of “The Time Paradox,” found that individuals who make decisions based on negative past memories tend to be in good financial health.

Rather than being overly optimistic about their savings potential in the future, which might cause them to put off saving money until later in life, these people will go ahead and start saving now.

And by focusing on saving in the present, they are more likely to make it a routine.

That’s because time orientation, or the way we think about time in relation to our goals, plays a major role in people’s ability to save.

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