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She has been transformed.” Concerning “I Need You To Love Me” Alyssa says, “What we really wanted to get across through the video and the song is the transformation (that takes place) through God’s love.

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We really got a chance to share our faith through that.

Even though it is a hair magazine we really got a chance to share what God has put on our hearts in regards to image and comparing ourselves to the rest of this world.

When I bring up the subject of the Billboard feature there are some puzzled looks and then Alyssa says, “I think I did Billboard.” Lauren confesses that they have been on such a hectic base it is difficult to keep track of all the articles that have appeared about the band.

The day prior to our meeting the liberal newspaper the Austin American Statesman interviewed Barlow Girl.

“We have said from day one God if there is ever a time that we are embarrassed to speak your name take us down and pick us up quickly,” says Alyssa Barlow and her thoughts are echoed by older sister Rebecca the bassist for rock band Barlow Girl.

Alyssa continues, “We have prayed that from day one.

We still feel that way three and one half years later.

As a family we have made a little pact together that if we ever start to think that popularity is more important than the message then we’re going to quit.” Once again her thoughts are echoed but this time by the youngest member of the family drummer Lauren Barlow.

In the background you can hear the thudding of Lauren’s bass drum as the crew put the instruments through their sound check at Austin Texas’ Lake Hills Church.

As I met backstage with what is arguably becoming America’s most popular girl group we discussed their rising popularity and if it has impacted their message of purity, chaste dating and God’s love.

Lauren talks about the video “I Need You To Love Me”, “It is very dark. Throughout the whole video the girl is set free from different (types) of bondage.

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