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On his medical form, he recorded a family history of colour-blindness.

Other than that, he said he had a clean bill of health.

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Plus, it carried a diverse catalogue of sperm from more than 450 males.

Before signing up, Collins called a Xytex rep and asked how the company screened its donors.

Even if it’s a heterosexual couple, one of them could have a medical history they don’t know about.” The couple took their doctor’s advice and embarked on a search for sperm.

First they looked at Repro Med, the only sperm bank that sells samples from Canadian donors to the public.

She got pregnant immediately, and in July 2007 she and Hanson welcomed their son, whom I’ll call Jacob (they agreed to be interviewed on the condition that his name be withheld). He lifted his head up and looked at the nurse the day he was born,” Collins recalls.

“Babies don’t usually do that.” Jacob grew up a happy, sociable kid.“It seemed simpler, more clear-cut, more black and white,” Collins says.“I realize now that there’s no such thing as black and white when you’re having a child.“I thought if I was a nun, I could live at an orphanage, and those could be my kids.” By the time she was in her late teens, she’d pinpointed the source of her aversion to marriage: She is gay.In 2002, she met a woman named Beth Hanson on Lava Life, and they fell in love. department at a private school in their hometown of Port Hope, Ont., and Hanson teaches music at a school in Toronto, about an hour away. The couple spent months mulling over their reproductive options.Collins called Outreach Health Services, Xytex’s Canadian distributor, and paid ,000 for six units of sperm from Donor 9623 — the bank was having a sale where you could get off each unit if you bought them in bulk.

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