Cyber sex bot

If they like you back, then you're matched and "ready to begin the adventure of sexual pleasure,” according to a press release emailed to The Huffington Post. Your cyber hookup will supposedly be able to adjust the speed and style of vibration of Love Palz’s products, which come in both male and female models.

There’s the Twist, and its predecessor models Hera and Zeus.

An artificial sex partner is a logical extension of what is now very familiar technology.

Even before the integration of mechanical tech, as we know from archeology and literature, using objects as part of sexual experiences extends about as far back as civilization itself. Artificial vaginas can be very realistic, if they're molded on real people and approximate the sensation of skin as closely as possible.

They could also provide valuable outlets for people with disabilities.

Like pornography — which can be harmful for couples or helpful for couples, depending on the circumstances — the technology itself isn't inherently bad.

It's not unheard of for people, even beyond drunk attendees of bachelor parties, to try to develop carnal knowledge of a blow-up doll.

Clearly, the concept of beyond-human sex is already here. In any case, the line between sex toy and sex robot isn't so clear-cut.

Erotic writing, pinups, printed porn, online porn, point-of-view porn, VR porn, cybersex, sex in gaming — all were subject to moral hysteria.

And all were eventually seen by researchers as potentially positive additions to sex lives. One prevalent worry involves crossing a taboo boundary, the one that separates human-human sex from the human-object kind.

It sends you dirty pics but they glitch in the transmission. Through playing, the sext bot develops a personality, not always interested in sexting you back.

With over 20 different endings, the player experiences the multiplicity of sex, technology, and digital intimacy.

Sext Adventure was originally created in 2014 by Kara Stone and programmed by Nadine Lessio on the engine txtr for SMS (text messaging from one’s phone).

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