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(While there, she's revising her dissertation, which examines household religious practice in eighteenth-century Virginia, for publication.) When she’s home, you can usually find her curled up, on her couch or screen porch, with a good novel.

And those in the courtship/betrothal camp have no consensus on what courtship is either.

Try reading the courtship books by Doug Wilson, Josh Harris, and Paul Jehle back-to-back.

The number of books promoting models and methods for acquiring a spouse grows almost monthly.

Perusing the relationships section of a Christian bookstore is much like walking through the cereal aisle at the grocery store. All that said, I believe we can learn and apply much from each of the relationship models presented in this chapter and in the chapters before and after mine.

The controversy has forced us all to evaluate the source of our beliefs.

Even better, it has launched a reengagement with the Bible as the authority for whom and how we marry.

They offer you sound advice, grounded in biblical truth and their own personal experiences.

Read and pray about: The Counter-Cultural Approach by Lauren Winner The Courtship Approach by Douglas Wilson The Principled Approach by Rick Holland The Betrothal Approach by Jonathan Lindvall The Purposed Approach by Jeramy and Jerusha Clark Then try the approaches out, see what works, and doesn't work, and discover your own personalized path to the love of your life. Winner is the author of three books, Girl Meets God, Mudhouse Sabbath, and Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity.

I think it is fair to say that we have just about seen it all when it comes to ideas about romance.

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