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“We also helped ourselves to copies of titles from other companies,” TDO writes.

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They are being held on bail of $12m (£8.6m) each and are due back in court on 23 February.

The children were exclusively home-schooled, except for the eldest, meaning that there did not need to be any outside contact with them under Californian law.

Mr Vinyard's uncle also called the sheriff when three pigs belonging to the Turpins got loose in 2002, but Mr Vinyard said that he and his wife decided not to alert authorities about their suspicions of abuse.

"We discussed it and we didn't want to have repercussions with them," Mr Vinyard said, citing that he would often see David Turpin in his driveway shooting cans with a pistol, aiming towards the road.

"There were dead dogs and cats in there," he told the He added that he found two Chihuahuas on the property which had survived by eating waste from discarded soiled nappies heaped in the family's Ford F-150 truck.

"It seemed like that's all they ate," he said, adding that the living room in the main house that had been fashioned into a makeshift classroom and was covered in faeces and excrement.

I feel really guilty we didn't." Before moving to Rio Vista, records show the family lived 50 miles away in Fort Worth, Texas, between 19.

However, Patrick Crimmins, of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, said that his agency had no record of investigations concerning the Turpins.

They lived there from 2000 until the house was foreclosed 11 years later.

Neighbour Ricky Vinyard said he walked through a double-wide trailer on the property, which the family is believed to have moved into after trashing the main house which he said was "waist-deep in filth".

TDO attempted to get money in exchange for the return of “Orange is the New Black” episodes; when the hacker failed to get the desired funds, pirates were suddenly able to feast Friday on the season premiere, which Netflix scheduled for release in June.

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