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So instead of writing about Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor, authors are writing about Gale Harold and Randy Harrison.

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JTV will subsequently be agitated by the man who is currently involved with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni).

Said interference will result in both men battling. He was in love with Vickie and Phyllis at the same time, which is totally understandable.

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[Post-Season 2 -- ~ 5 years later: Based on Sleepless in Seattle/JT Went to Europe With Ethan/BK Opens NY Kinnetik Branch/JT Leaves Ethan & Returns to Pitts/Mel & Linds Die in Car Accident/BK Returns to Pitts & Has Custody of Gus/JT Moves to LA & Dates OMC – Tim/Gus Calls Radio Psychologist About Lonely BK/JT Hears Radio Show/BJ Reunion/JT Moves to Pitts With BK/BJ Exchange Rings][Set directly after Home Run ends: BJ Start Relationship & JT’s Re-Introduced to Liberty Ave Gang/Jealous Michael/BJ Move In Together/BJ Work Together at Kinnetik/Ethan Returns/JT Hired to Advertise Ethan/BK Thinks JT Slept With Ethan/BJ Break Up/BJ Reunion] [Set shortly after Putting Down Roots ends: JT Opens His Own Company – Taylor-Made Designs/Deb Convinces BK to Let His Mom Meet Gus/Joan Sues BK For Custody of Gus/Daphne Had JT’s Child – Soleil/BK Finds Out His Uncle Is His Father] [AU: BJ Meet Different Way From Canon/JT Lives in NY & Dating Connor James/CJ Leaves For Hollywood & His Father Rents Out Apartment/BK Rents Apartment Although JT Still Lives There/BJ Become Roommates/JT Has Evil Cat/BJ Date/JT Meets BK’s Friends/Jealous Michael/CJ Returns to NY & Tries to Win JT Back/BJ Fight] [AU: BJ Meet Different Way From Canon/BJ Teenagers/BK Sent to Stay With Aunt & Uncle on Farm Instead of Prison/JT Next-Door Neighbor/JT Has Gay Older Brother – Jared – Who Tries to Seduce BK/BJ Don’t Get Along/JT in Horse Accident/Police Investigation][RPS/RPF: Gale & Randy/GH Dating Actress Named Dylan/RH Auditioning for Play/RH & Dylan In Play Together/Dylan Invites RH to Threesome With Her & GH/GH & RH Begin Friendship/GH Leaves Dylan for RH & They Move to NYC]Note: This is the first RPS/RPF I have recommended.

In case you don’t know what that means it stands for Real People Slash/Real People Fiction.

Perfect Asian is an Asian dating service made for certain individuals, especially foreign men, who are looking for Philippine girls, Indonesian girls or Asian girls in general.

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