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I think women should be humble and submissive because that is how nature wanted us.All I want in the future is to be a good obedient wife to a strong dominant husband.

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If you are interested message me here or on ki,k , it's 1785702 Let's say I'm your sub.

It's Sat night, and you're feeling like you want to go out, hit some bars, have a few drinks.

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Controlling a BAD girl is a complex and sometimes unrewarding task - which is why not all men are truly dominant in this respect!

who see I identify as submissive, and believe that to mean I will submit to anyone that demands it. He tells me I am naturally submissive, which to him is a wonderful thing.

I am not playing a part, or putting on an act to get what I want...

Achieve the necessary balance between punishment and sensuality ad a good Master can explore her desires for kinky sex and restrain her in BDSM fantasy phone sex scenarios.

Submissive women forced to SUBMIT and made to KNEEL in fromt of their masters, made to suck cock and made to swallow.

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