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And I think that people just couldn’t help but relate to this very human story.And because it was Erica going through it, they immediately cared.

Shortly thereafter, Bianca came out as a lesbian to her mother, and broke new ground in the medium of daytime television.

Eden has played Bianca for over a decade, during which time she has been a thoughtful and supportive ally to the LGBT community.

It’s a good move for Riegel’s career, but I’m guessing fan response will be mixed.

Lots of people were still holding out hope that AMC would come to their senses and bring Bianca and Reese back from Paris. What do you think about Riegel joining the cast of Y&R, and teaming up with Elizabeth Hendrickson again?

ER: Well, I mean I guess it’s the same thing that resonates with me about her which is she has such a big heart and she is so brave.

She was not only very brave about coming out, even though she knew it wouldn’t be an easy road for her with her mother. She’s had her heart broken over and over and over again; she’s had terrible things done to her and she still believes in the goodness of humanity and she sees people for the best parts of them.

I mean we all took it very seriously, and we put our heart and soul into it.

Certainly for Susan [Lucci] and I, it was a labor of love.

So we knew that it might be a tough sell because if you’ve never met a gay person and maybe carry around some prejudices from your own youth and then all of a sudden your favorite character on daytime has a daughter who is gay.

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