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With all the traveling she was doing for the national team, Morgan said that Skype was the key to their relationship.Last year, Carrasco said in an interview that the two were going to be together for a long time, which seemed like an indication that he planned to propose. Congratulations to the two, and sorry to all the men out there who were hoping for a breakup.

Their relationship as two soccer players and as a husband and wife is simply amazing, so let's find out how do they keep up the romance in their relationship and same energy on the field too!

The midfielder in Major League Soccer, Servando and FIFA Women's World Cup Champion, Alex first met each other while both played soccer at UC-Berkeley, back in 2010.

You’ll think it’s worth it, because you’ll pretty much want to kiss her all the time.)4.b. He’ll even try to give you The Speech when Tobin’s off fetching you beers, and he’ll look so earnest about it that you can’t help but be endeared by his protectiveness. But Katie’s the eldest, and she’ll have her reservations about you at first. You know from her previous relationships that Tobin trusts easily and falls hard, and it’s gotten her hurt a few times in the past. You’ll be the most nervous meeting Tobin’s parents.

The fact that you’ve been there for her through the last one will probably win you some brownie points, and it’ll definitely help that Cole won’t stop talking about you from the two times you and Tobin offer to babysit, but it’ll still take a bit of time. Tobin’s never brought a girl home to meet them before, so you won’t really have any stories to compare.

Following their engagement, the pair took no time to get married and happily tied knots in a grand ceremony in front of 180 guests at Rancho Dos Pueblos, Santa Barbara, California on New Year's Eve of the year 2014.

Unlike other celebrity couples, who are swamped up in their work and don't have time for each other, this couple on the other hand, always make sure to spend a quality time together, keeping their passion and romance alive. Look at their Instagram post and see it for your self!Love and passion for the similar thing obviously bring two people together and the relationship that we're talking about today is powerful, solid and fiery, a love story of two soccer lover, Alex Morgan and her husband Servando Carrasco.Alex and Servando have been married for almost four years and the pair is celebrating a blissful married life together, going strong than ever.Morgan and Carrasco have been together for over five and a half years.They began dating in college where they were both soccer players at Cal.You’ll roll your eyes because she hasn’t even tried it.

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