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Witness: The argument was concerning the 450-euro bill for the repair cost to the offender’s vehicle. UNMIK PTC PAGE 4 26 04 03 LISTENING COMPREHENSION AUDIO TEST # 18 QUESTION PAPER – “A” Family Name: ……………………..…………… —————————————————————————————————————– Q4: What were the address and grid reference of the witness residence? The police did not take anything from the scene, as the forensic group had not arrived.

Police officer: Do you remember what was the color, type and license number of the car? —————————————————————————————————————– Q5: What was the offender wearing? The team leader and the driver of the patrol car knocked on the door of the neighboring house.

The officers proceeded to the local hospital to interview the victim of the stabbing and to obtain further information about the identity of the offender. “To Serve and Protect” magazine welcomes young talents. Director: How did you manage to collect historical material? The back up police unit arrived at 13.20 hrs and surrounded the house.

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Immediately, a police patrol was dispatched to the scene of the incident. Two youths, 11 and 15 years old, witnessed the girl being abducted and took down the registration plate number, PK 5386, of the vehicle used to commit the crime. It was decided that a “Board of Police Commission Medal” should be formed to plan for the presentation in such cases.

On arrival at the scene of the incident at 10.15 hours the officers observed, that the 50-year-old male garage owner was lying on the floor in the garage and bleeding. Medal designers were instructed to enquire as to the design and costs.

For interview the witness was asked to come to the police station the same day. Witness: While I was walking over to see my uncle at the garage. Journalist: I went to the Police museum on 16th January 2005. Director: Did you see how the first medal looked like? Again, there was no response from inside of the house.

The following conversation is the dialogue between the police officer and the witness of this incident. I saw that my uncle was having an argument with a man that I had never seen at the garage before. Director: What was your impression after visiting the museum? Director: Did the police manage to arrest the criminals? Journalist: The medal was made of bronze with the words “Police Commission Award” on the front side of the medal ; the reverse side specified the name of the recipient as well as the date of the service rendered and the words “For praiseworthy service in law enforcement”. At 13.30 hours the back-up unit began an assault on the house.

The argument was concerning the 450-euro repair cost that he was being charged on his yellow, van type vehicle, license # 273-KS-846. The first ceremony took place on 26th of November, 1947. At hrs, the Police heard gun shots at grid coordinates LG 315-692.

The witness then stated that he observed the offender removed a knife from his pocket with his right hand and stab the garage owner in the chest three times, and then put the knife back in his pocket. The medals were awarded to two boys 11 and 15 years old, who reported the abduction of a girl along with vital clues that led to the immediate arrest of the suspects. The driver of the police car drove in the direction of the gun fire.

This man was holding his hands over head trying to protect the head from receiving new injures. His pants and shirt were dirty and torn into pieces, so the color of the clothes was barely recognizable. Later in the shift, the patrol unit heard on the radio, that the suspected minibus was stopped at a check point near the Airport.

He was about 18 years of age, slim build, approximately 175 centimeters tall with shaved head. The suspects were arrested and charged for unlawful possession of weapons and kidnapping.

Police officer: OK, what is the location of the garage? Journalist: I was pleased to see pictures, letters of appreciation, and medals given to young citizens, for their assistance to Police investigations. Journalist: The first medal was awarded on 26th of November, 1947 Director: To whom was the first medal awarded? Journalist: They saw the girl walking home from school and had witnessed this girl being abducted. Director: What was the estimated cost of production of this medal? Director: Who decided to establish this medal award and who did the presentation? As they entered the house, they observed that nobody was there.

Witness: The garage is located at grid reference 153-478 Police officer: How far away from the incident were you? Q1: What was the victim’s relationship to the caller? At what time did the Police patrol unit arrive at the scene? Journalist: Actually the were two medals which were presented to two boys 11 and 15 years old. These two boys must have done something extraordinary in order to be awarded Police medals Journalist: On 07th of May 1947 the Chief of Police reported the kidnapping of an 8 year old girl. Journalist: The “Board of Police Commission Medal” was established and the presentation of the medals was made in the office of the Mayor who also served as a Chairman of the Police Commission. Then he saw two Police officers and informed them of the circumstances. AUDIO TAPE TEST # 2 QUESTION PAPER “A” Family Name:……………………………. The rifle was resting on the window with the barrel pointing towards the street and the butt of the rifle was held on the back-rest of a chair.

He had been stabbed a number of times in the left side of his chest. The following resolution was presented and passed unanimously.

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