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Robinette received a bone marrow transplant, and was one of the youngest to ever have the procedure.

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AAMOA, based in the Twin Cities, promotes Black Music and assists Black composers and musicians worldwide., the Jackson 5 start their one-week tour in Dakar, Senegal for their first African tour, where they perform concerts, attend representations from several African dancers, visit the humble dwelling places of some inhabitants there, and also pose for pictures with and sign autographs for them, among sightseeing and shopping experiences.

They also hold a press conference with a Senegalese radio, and visit Goree Island. The theme for Expo '74 was “Celebrating Tomorrow's Fresh New Environment.” The fair had 5,2 million visitors and was considered a success, nearly breaking even, revitalizing the blighted urban core, and pumping an estimated 150 million dollars into the local economy and surrounding region.) visit the impoverished areas of Trinidad, Port-au-Spain, namely the economically deprived inhabitants, not affording to attend a Jacksons’ concert.

Center for Social Change" in Atlanta.) in the International Amphitheater of Chicago, the event highlighting, among musical acts, footage of the city’s black population, their churches, schools, slums and playgrounds, and promoting the hope for an improved future, benefiting the children of Chicago, Illinois.

Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 perform at an NAACP fund-raising dinner at Hollywood, Palladium, California, at the 6th annual Black Image Awards.

The Fund was established 1977 to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, and its purpose is to enable a small number of senior students in Cumbria’s schools and colleges to undertake work experience projects of academic nature overseas, connected to industry, service to the community, the arts, sport etc.

"The Black Linkage For Adoptive Children" hosts a charity event during which the Jacksons’ costumes from their 1979 Destiny Tour were auditioned off to the highest bidder; Michael Jackson’s costume garnered 575,00 dollars, the highest price from an impersonator who performed in an outfit that night for a gig., The Jacksons give a special benefit concert for the "Atlanta Children’s Foundation" at the Omni Auditorium in Atlanta, Georgia, and raise 100,000 dollars for the charity, subsequently to lengthy episodes of Black youth disappearances and murders in the mentioned city.For nearly 100 years, City of Hope’s pioneering research has brought the world closer to cures for many life-threatening diseases, from cancer to diabetes. Summer's version of the song features an all-star choir including Michael Jackson, Brenda Russell, James Ingram, Dionne Warwick, Kenny Loggins, Michael Mc Donald, Lionel Richie, Christopher Cross, Dyan Cannon and Stevie Wonder.This song was originally written and recorded by Jon Anderson and Vangelis for their 1981 album, , presumably), Lidia Knight, a 10 year old disadvantaged girl from the Dominican Republic, receives her first pair of new shoes on behalf of a project sponsored by Michael Jackson.Berry Gordy, himself a former boxer, serves as the Honorary Chair for the event, and is probably responsible for getting the Jackson Five to perform for the gig., the Jackson 5 return to their home county, Gary, Indiana, to play two benefit concerts for Mayor Richard G.Hatcher’s re-election campaign at Westside High School.The NAACP is the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People, one of the oldest and most influential civil rights organizations in the United States., in Los Angeles, California, the 14-year old singer and the Jackson 5, dressed as Santas, make their appearance at a Christmas party held at the Pacific Townclub, to visit and offer presents - on behalf of their record company, Motown - to 700 (according to some sources, others reporting a number of 400) underprivileged children.

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