Who is spencer grammer dating

News the actor's wife, Kayte Walsh, is pregnant with a baby boy. Kelsey and Kayte, who tied the knot in 2011, are parents to their 4-year-old daughter Faith Evangeline Elisa and 2-year-old son Kelsey Gabriel also has four children from previous marriages, Spencer Grammer, 32, Greer Grammer, 24, Mason Grammer, 14, and Jude Grammer, 12.

Though it's unclear just when the mama-to-be is due, the insider tells us she's at least six months along. Nearly two months after announcing they were expecting in 2010, the then-dating couple announced Walsh suffered a miscarriage.

And Spencer and her father are closer than ever since he split with Camille." Ouch.

Who is spencer grammer dating

We choose to celebrate the life that has been given to us," the couple said in a statement announcing the birth of his twin sister, Faith.

Greer Grammer: It’s senior year and the class rankings come out. There’s only been a couple of times when we’ve gone out for the same roles. She goes out for college students and I go out for high school kids. Greer Grammer: I grew up with my mom and she grew up with her mom so we saw each other on holidays and occasions, but we didn’t grow up together like normal sisters do. Greer Grammer: There’s a bit of an age difference but Mason, my younger sister, is 12 now and my little brother Jude is nine and Faith is going to be two in July.

Spencer is best known for playing Casey Cartwright on the ABC Family series, .

An insider says, "Spencer is so excited to marry her boyfriend, James Hesketh.

I'm really looking forward to this Christmas now that they have personalities. Scott Michael Foster born March 4, is an American actor.

She went to the Marymount Manhattan College for her education.

We know Spencer and Kelsey are close, and we're curious as to how far the apple falls from the tree: Does Spencer have a wild streak like Kelsey of Yore?

She's rumored to have dated co-star Scott Michael Foster and exec producer Shawn Piller.

We also wonder whether she's an actual blonde, since this photo of Spencer, Kelsey and Camille from 2001 shows her with dark hair (we won't hold that against her, it looks kind of awesome).

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