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The concept of arranged marriage is like a business dealing. She isn’t even capable of giving you a decent loving reply back.

This transaction is settled by older men and women close to the bride and groom-to-be. Not because she doesn’t dislike your affection, she just isn’t able to give it back to you.

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Your family either has no idea what you’re going through or constantly gives you the guilt trip via the old technique. You can’t even take some dramatic step like dying your hair red or officially announcing your return to the Single World. You silently sulk in pain, with a stick of Kulfi in hand.

You can’t even make your break up official, because according to Facebook, you were never going out.

Family, education, occupation, appearances are all factors that play a part in deciding whether or not two people are a good match. And if you are one of those guys who like to torture your object of affection by flirting with her close friends, then maybe I don’t want you. He told me, his stupid Physics-challenged friend, that he is only sleeping with her for the sexual pleasure and has zero intentions of being her long-term boyfriend or introducing her to his family.

But since you like to control others, you have picked my friend.

They do not lie, embellish or put on fake appearances for the sake of marriage. This girl comes from a family that opposes dating or even interacting with the opposite gender.

If you think winning my heart involves breaking my heart and hurting me, then I guess we aren’t made for each other. I guess I’ll never be able to understand who you are. Maybe it is because we were both in Physics with Calculus 101 class together. In fact, he said his family would screw him over if he brought her home.When I came to you with issues, you turned your head and walked away. You don’t want to be the girl who is used as an example for someone who has wasted her life. If you’re Desi, you might be more depressed for so many more reasons than the typical American including: 1. You hid a relationship from your Desi family and friends. That’s why curious young men and women resort to sneaking around, lying, and deceiving, resulting in a great deal of courage and effort.I never understood why you would do that to me, but now I know–you just don’t care. She didn’t know what she wanted or what she was doing, yet you were set to corrupt her. You want to be the girl who changed herself, adapted to her new surroundings, and made the most of herself. Every Desi who saw you two together is expecting you two getting married. A relationship that wasn’t worth all that stress and sneaking and hiding. You feel like you have proven the Desi theory that dating doesn’t work. With all of this we hope the relationship is worth it.We always stick to our rules and regulations and offer only the best escorts in Lahore.Depending on the circumstance, having an arranged marriage can be beneficial or harmful. I don’t know why exactly you display such affection towards her via technology.That’s the hardest thing for an innocent girl to understand. Now no one will want to marry you, because you have terrible morals and no one likes leftovers. You disobeyed your parents, your culture, and your religion when you dated this guy. And when it doesn’t work out–we feel shame and regret.

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